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With a strong foundation and (hopefully) early paying customers, it's often helpful to start thinking about expansion and growth options.

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UNH Selected for the Pathways to Innovation Program

February 15, 2016

group picture with green backgroundThe University of New Hampshire was one of 14 U.S. colleges and universities selected by the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter) to join its program. The Epicenter will examine and implement best practices to fully incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship into undergraduate engineering education. The selected teams will join a community of 36 institutional teams that are already in the program.

Resource Highlights


Funding/investor Network

Growth of ventures can happen through a variety of funding opportunities. The ECenter provides insights and potential introductions to some of those options.

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Prototype Development

There are many benefits to having a prototype of your idea. Prototypes help others visually understand and allow you to iterate versions to improve the product. The ECenter provides a variety of tools and resources to help you bring your prototypes to life!

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Business Model and Pitch Review

No matter how well you know your concept or business, it is always helpful to get another set of experienced eyes and ears to review and ask questions about your business model, plan, and pitch in the continual process of improvement.

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Management and Team Growth

Rare is the successful company that can be built alone. We offer advice on how to find and hire for your company’s growth.

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