Hands-on bootcamps are geared towards critical entrepreneurial aspects. Facilitators are both internal and external to UNH. Open to UNH students only. 

Idea Creation Bootcamp: "From Problem to Innovative Idea in 81 minutes"

A presentation by Omar Bermudez (Goddard Technologies Inc.)

Productive idea creation provides the foundation for a successful product development lifecycle.  Goddard’s “Idea Creation Bootcamp” delivers a clear pathway for innovation and concept creation by utilizing effective brainstorming methods. During this workshop, Goddard will provide a structured methodology for teams to maximize the productivity from every brainstorming session.  This well-defined method will guide any ideation exercise to create a broad range of viable concepts for down-selection and further refinement using an assortment of decision tools.


Tuesday, October 10

6:00pm - 8:00pm

At the ECenter

*Location subject to change

Marketing Bootcamp: "Real Marketing for Real Customers: How to Get Your First Customers Through Understanding What They Want and Giving it to Them."

A presentation by Duncan Craig and Brian DeKoning (Partners at Raka)


This two-hour session provides a hands-on approach to small to medium businesses and start-ups to plan a marketing strategy quickly by defining your ideal customers and then planning tactics to attract and convert them as customers. Topics covered will include: 

        - Buyer personas

        - Getting found through search

        - Content marketing that doesn't take forever

        - Email marketing for nurturing

        - Converting prospects to clients through consultation


Monday, October 23

6:00pm - 8:00pm

At the ECenter

*Location subject to change

Pitching Bootcamp: "Essential Aspects of Developing a Presentation and Making a Winning Pitch"

A presentation by Todd Boucher '03 (Leading Edge Design Group)



Todd is an Entrepreneur and business coach. Co-Founder & Partner at Hidden Collective. Also an Advisory Council Member at Live Free, and Start.

You might have a great idea and written a great summary… but can you stand up in front of a crowd or panel of judges and pitch it successfully?

Todd will share his proven techniques on how to create the story, the presentation, and the things to do and not do while pitching to judges or investors. This will be followed by select individuals or teams presenting their ideas for review and feedback.


Monday, November 13

6:00pm - 8:00pm

At the ECenter

*Location subject to change


All Bootcamps are Sponsored by the Wildcatalysts Network

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