Transgender UNH

The purpose of TransUNH is to create a safe space for transgender, gender–variant,
etc. students, faculty, staff and community members. We aim to educate the UNH community
about issues in the transgender community and provide support for those who are exploring
and/or interested in their gender identity.

TransUNH is a sub–committee of the UNH Alliance. It was formed to create a safe space
for transgender and gender–variant students, faculty, staff, and UNH community members.
We strive to educate the general community about issues in the transgender community. For the
past few years, TransUNH has organized UNH's Gender Identities Awareness week, a week
full of events to encourage discussion and education surrounding the transgender community
and its unique issues. During this week, we observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance,
which is a day to commemorate all those who we have lost as a result of anti–trans violence.
On this day we honor those victims through a non–denominational ceremony and a candlelight

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