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Research Topics

Project Descriptions of Current & Past Research

Model-Sensor - Information Technology Integration for Machine Tools
Dynamic Calibration of a Smart Machining System Using Robust Non-Intrusive Sensors
Dynamic Evaluation of Machine Tool Process Capability
An Internet Broker Service for Low Quantity Custom Machined Parts
FACILE - A Fast Associative Clean Interface Language and Environment for Discrete Prototype Fabrication
Toolpath Optimization by Real-time Application of an Integrated Geometric Mechanistic Model
Integration of Discrete Machining Models into an Open-Architecture Machine Tool Controller
Automatic 5-axis CNC feed-rate selection via discrete mechanistic, geometric and machine model integration. This research is partially funded by Turbocam Inc., a world leader in 5 axis machining.
Sculptured Surface Machining - Surface Analysis, Toolpath Generation for 3 and 5 axis machining, automatic "clean-up", and verification

Test Part G-Codes

A zipped file that contains G-codes for the bottle mold described in some of our publications.