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DML People
Barry Fussell, Anthony Morin, Minhyong Koh, Yong Zhao, Saman Nouri, Andrew Harmon, Robert Jerard

The Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Dept
University of New Hampshire
Robert B. Jerard, Barry K. Fussell

Directions to the Lab

The University of New Hampshire's Design and Manufacturing Laboratory is a state of the art research facility located in room S215 of Kingsbury Hall. Research activities conducted at the DML focus on improving Numerically Controlled (NC) machining processes. The comprehensive vision of the DML is to pioneer the development of an "Intelligent Machining Workstation";. To achieve this, the DML is integrating system modeling, interface design and sensor applications.

In particular, the DML has developed improved models of the cutting process, powerful process management software and novel sensor deployment techniques. All of these technologies are designed to work together as an enhancement to the existing NC framework. After deployment, DML technologies decrease the amount of time required to correctly program NC machines while simultaneously improving the productivity of the resulting programs. As a result, decreased product development time and increased product quality is achieved.

Most importantly, the DML is focused on developing laboratory technologies for practical industry application. All DML products emphasize respect for budget, ease of deployment and robust performance.