Student Fellows 2012-2013

                                                 Discovery Fellows 2012-2013

                                                     Left to right: Danielle Koppel, Alexander Loughran Lamothe, Peter Smith, Stephanie Kuhn, Noha Elmohands 

Danielle Koppel

Year: Senior
Major: Philosophy; Psychology

Alexander Loughran Lamothe

Year: Senior
Major(s): International Affairs; Family Studies
Minor: Race, Culture, and Power
Involvement: Resident Assistant; Treasurer of the Men of Strength: Diversity, Education and Family Brotherhood; Safe Zones Facilitator; MLK Jr. Summit Participant; MLK Jr. Summit Student Coordinator; President's Commission on GBLT Issues; Veritas Forum; Anti-Racism Team

Peter Smith

Year: Senior
Major(s): Philosophy; Psychology
UNH Fencing, UNH Yoga

Stephanie Kuhn

Year: Sophomore
Major(s): Women's Studies; Communication
Anti-Racism Team; Campus Recreation; Carsey Social Innovation Summer Intern

Noha Elmohands

Year: Senior
Major(s): Psychology; Women's Studies
Minor: Race, Culture, and Power
Involvement: Black Student Union Executive Board; Office of Multicultural Student Affairs; The Writing Center; UNH Alliance; Anti-Racism Team (A.R.T.); MLK Jr. Summit Participant; MLK Jr. Summit Student Coordinator; Host of the MLK Commemorative Address; The President's Commission on the Status of People of Color