University Dialogue 2009

Taking Care of Self and Community: A University Dialog on Health

Taking care of self and community; a university dialogue on health is both timely and provocative. The United States is a wealthy nation. With all of our resources, technology, and wealth many assume that we share the best overall individual health and health care system of any other place on earth. Yet, this is not the case. As a nation, we struggle with health care policies that are not working and are burdened by health care costs that continue to rise while at the same time demonstrating no measurable advantages.

Throughout the year you will have opportunities to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom, about health. Moreover, leaders and practitioners and consumers who are deeply engaged in U.S. health care reform will visit campus. There will be movies and discussion events, and opportunities to participate in health-related topics where you live, eat, and play. We invite you to engage as part of a community in these events and we challenge each of you to form, confirm, or reshape your values about how you will live your lives forward as healthy human beings. Here's to your health!

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