University Dialogue 2006

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Welcome to "Power to the People: A University Dialogue on Energy." Now in its second year, the University Dialogue is an ongoing effort to engage the UNH community in a series of discussions and activities that explore a common theme. With continued support from the Provost's office, a dedicated group of faculty, students, and staff worked closely with the Discovery Program to develop this year's topic and to select our distinguished authors. We are pleased to present the results of our collaborative work, and we are especially grateful to the authors themselves, whose commitment of time and expertise makes this endeavor possible.

This collection of short papers, written by our colleagues on UNH's Durham and Manchester campuses, is an invitation to examine the topic of energy from multiple vantage points. We hope that the papers stimulate thoughtful analysis, provoke vigorous discussion, and invite new questions. During the fall and spring semesters, the University Dialogue will unfold in classrooms, at film showings, in residence halls, and in conjunction with other activities both on and off campus. Participants will be able to interact with our Discovery Authors and with invited speakers throughout the year, culminating with a Town Hall Meeting in the spring. Each event, like each of the following papers, affords an opportunity to consider the implications of energy in a new way.

We look forward to the discussion, and we hope to see you at many of the events that are associated with this year's University Dialogue.

Best wishes for a successful year,

Joanne Curran-Celentano
UNH Discovery Program

Cliff Brown
UNH Discovery Program


Reading Packet: Click to download the entire reading packet as a PDF