Dialogue Authors


John Aber
Provost and Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment
TMI: Values Matter When You Are Sipping from the Fire Hose
An introduction to the University Dialogue, 2010

Ann E. Donahue
UNHM Associate Professor of Library Science
Carolyn Gamtso
UNHM Associate Professor of Library Science
Term Papers, Google, and Library Anxiety: How can information literacy improve students' research skills?

Vanessa Urch Druskat
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Integrating Information and Making Effective Decisions in Teams

Arthur Greenberg
Professor of Chemistry
Advocates, Agendas, and Nay-Sayers: Science and Technology in the Public Arena

Gene Elizabeth Harkless
Associate Professor of Nursing
Do I Really Need to Have That Test? Understanding risk and making medical decisions in the age of TMI

Courtney Marshall 
Assistant Professor of English and Women's Studies
Is the Internet Colorblind?

Robert McGrath
Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy
When is a lot still not enough? Health information, the public good and privacy rights

Nick Smith
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Stupider and Worse?

Sarah M. Stitzlein
Assistant Professor of Education and Women's Studies
From Claiming Information to Deliberating About It

Stacy D. VanDeveer
Associate Professor of Political Science
Can We Shop Sustainably?


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