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Students walking through UNH campus

Students walking through UNH campus

In order for students to receive academic or non-academic accommodations, UNH students must self-identify and register with the DSS office. Students must provide current documentation by a licensed or certified official that states the disability. 

DSS makes the final determination of eligibility and reasonable accommodations by reviewing the documentation, interviewing the student, and contacting the diagnostician, if needed. A prior history of accommodations does not automatically qualify the student for accommodations or services. In addition, receiving services and accommodations at another college or university does not necessarily qualify a student for the same services and accommodations at UNH. There must be a demonstrated current need specific to our academic environment that is supported by complete documentation. A brief statement listing only the diagnosis is not sufficient since a condition is not necessarily a disability. Documentation must clearly indicate that the condition results in substantial limitations in major life activities applicable to our academic environment.


Important Message to UNH Students 

During the summer months, DSS will have limited availability for both Prospective and Registration Appointments.

DSS will have limited availability over the summer months for Registration Appointments. All Registration Appointments are held within the DSS office and must be scheduled on ClockWork. If you are off campus and unable to schedule an appointment, please make sure to check the calendar during the break for fall semester availability. 


Disability Services for Students