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Notetakers Wanted: The application to be a notetaker is online: http://www.unh.edu/disabilityservices/notetaker-availability-form. We keep your availability on file for the semester since we receive notetaker requests continually.



Make Money Helping a Fellow Student

Job involves: Day/ Night

  • Assistance with meals at Hoco
  • Toileting and / Repositioning
  • Accompaniment to appointments (both on and off campus)
  • Assistance with assignments/homework, computer and paperwork.
  • Assistance with specific class activities (occasional, you will not be required to accompany to class on a daily basis)
  • Getting up in morning for class and night in bed.(This requires you to stay in other bunk across the room.)

Applicants should:

-Be able to lift ~150 lb person if required (will train)

-Experience with disability care is a plus but not required

-Be open minded, patient, and professional.

Pay is $9.75/hr. Daytime/ Night is $29.95 per night

To apply, contact Kevin Ennis at 603-918-9177 or kmu273@wildcats.unh.edu.


To post your add here for a PCA or other employment opportunities regarding students with Disabilities at UNH, please contact Rebecca McMillan at rebecca.mcmillan@unh.edu or (603) 862-2607. Please keep checking back throughout the school year!