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The Feast Feast Dinner at Holloway Commons Wed. Oct. 24th




Featured Dinner Menu Items




Fred Flintstone enjoying the Beast Feast!
Goblin Chunk Soup (Broccoli & Cheese)


Big Bowl O' Blood (Tomato Soup)
Something Evil from the Garden (Garden Vegetable Soup)


Funky Chicken & Boogers (Chicken Gumbo Soup)




Creature from the Pink Lagoon (Smoked Salmon Platter)
Assorted Baby Parts (Cheese & Crudite Platter)


Carving Station



Feast of the Beast (Steamship Roast of Beef)


Daily Fare


The Pharaoh's Rib (Memphis Ribs)


Hungarian Ghoul-ash
Pod People (Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken)


Squirming Termites (Bacon Macaroni & Cheese)
Shrunken Heads (Broccoli Sprouts)
Snips, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails (Roasted Parsnips)

Specialty Bar

Pizza Station

Bat Wings of Assorted Flavors (Chicken Wing Bar)
Cheese Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust
Monster Loaded Pizza


Cheesy Bread
Muffaletta Calzone
The Sacrafice (Rosemary Leg of Lamb)
Monster Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Pasta Station

Goblin's Hair (Spaghetti Squash)
Vampire Repellent (Garlic Bread)
Monkey's Paw Bread
Great Caesar's Ghost (Caesar Salad)
Zombie Coalminor's Pasta (Pasta Carbonara)

Vegan Station

Vampire's Blood (Marinara Sauce)
Mummy's Blood (Alfredo Sauce)
Venus Flytrap (Veggie Griller)
Squiggly Worms (Spaghetti Noodles)
Jack O' Lantern's Demise (Spiced Roasted Pumpkin)
Rotten Squiggly Worms (Whole Wheat Noodles)
Toadstool Surprise (Mushroom Stroganoff)
Spider Eggs in Spicy Sauce (Four Bean Chili)

Grill Station

Charon's Payment (Vegan Lentils)
Green Chile Quesadilla


Brimstone Burgers (Grilled Cheeseburgers)
Godzilla Burger (Salmon Burgers w/Cucumber Wasabi)
Graveyard Triffle
Grilled Vulture (Grilled Turkey Burger)
Eye of Newt Truffle
Heart Attack on a Plate (Fried Chicken Double Down)
Spooky Cupcakes
All Gnat-ural French Fries (Black Pepper Fries)
Pumpkin Pie