Summer Meal Plan Order Form

This order form is for students who do not reside in on-campus dorm housing.
(Residents of Babcock Hall, Woodside Apartments or the Gables may use this form.)
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Meal Plans will be billed to your WebCat Account. Meal plans purchased electronically after the close of business on Fridays will not be activated until the following business day. For immediate activation, please come to the Dining/ID Office which operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm and is located at Holloway Commons, Room 101.

These meal plans are for use during any meal at Holloway Commons during the summer. Any unused meals at the end of the summer term (8/29/2014) will expire and are nonrefundable.


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Select a Summer Meal Plan


Block Plans:

25 Block Plan for Summer $ 212.50
50 Block Plan for Summer $ 425
75 Block Plan for Summer $ 608
100 Block Plan for Summer $ 770
150 Block Plan for Summer $ 1095


Unlimited Plan:

Weekly Unlimited Meal Plan $147 per week


Please review your responses and then click on the appropriate "Submit Meal Plan Order" button to send your order form.