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The Feast Feast Dinner at Holloway Commons Wed. Oct. 24th




Featured Dinner Menu Items




Vendor displaying local apples
Witch's Cauldron Hot Mulled Cider


Home Cooking


Brown Bat Wings (Teriyaki Chicken Wings)


"My Dead Chum" Grilled Salmon Burgers
Dead Man Fingers (Manicotti)


"Cheesy B-Flick" (Au Gratin Potatoes)
Squashed Beetle Guts (Whipped Squash)


Eyes of Newt (Green Peas)


Pizza/Pasta Station


Creepy Crawly Pasta Primavera
Pepper "Jack O Lantern" Cheese Bread


Monster Loaded Pizza
Baked Brain Matter (Chicken Broccoli Alfredo)


Stinky Fungus (Portabella, Onion & Blue Cheese)


Grill Station

Gore Burgers (Burgers w/Pulled Pork w/Cheddar)
Fried Maggots (Deep Fried Popcorn Shrimp

Toasted Sub Concept

Bloody Severed Stump (Asian Red Pork Loin)
Gollum's Passion (Onion Rings)
Open Face Beast of Terror (Roast Beef w/Hollandaise Sauce)
"Nacho Scared" Chicken Chili w/Chips & Fixings


Vegan Station


Griddled Graham Cake Smores
Rat Burger (Veggie Burger)
Spicy Beetle Stew (4 Bean Chili)


Slithering Rice Pasta
Ravenous Ravioli (Tofu Herbed Ravioli)
"Six Feet Under" Dirt Cakes
Stuffed Kneecaps (Stuffed Tomatoes)
"Pick Your Poison" Cupcakes
Baby Dragon Wings (Sauteed Spinach)
"Death by Chocolate" Cheesecake
Vegan Crisp
Wicked Witchy Gnarled Fingers


Mongolian Concept

Medusa's Serpent Sandwiches (Gyros)
Mediterranean Bar