J-Term Meal Plans

Scenic picture of T-Hall in the winter time.
If you are going to be staying on campus over winter break, a J-Term Meal Plan is for you.

Save up to $27.50*/week!

Available exclusively for use at the Union Court in the MUB. The Union Court will be open Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm.

Each plan includes 3 meal swipe credits per day.

Swipe Credits:

$7.50/Breakfast (Available 8am-10:30am)
$9.50/Lunch (Available 10:30am-4:30pm)
$9.50/Dinner (Available 10:30am-6:30pm)

Additional prepared entrees, sides and breakfast items will be available.
Please note that bottled beverages are not part of the offering with the exception of bottled water.

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