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The Feast Feast Dinner at Holloway Commons Wed. Oct. 24th




Featured Dinner Menu Items



Euro Station

Vendor displaying local apples
Ribs of Frankenstein (BBQ Ribs)


Poltergeist Penne (Penne Alfredo)
Road Kill (Chicken Parmesan)


Dracula's Demise (Garlic Mashed Potatoes)
Roasted Brains (Roasted Cauliflower with Beet Juice Blood)


Rest in Peas (Steamed Peas & Caramelized Onion)


Pizza Station


Vampire Stake with Gaaaahlic Butter (Garlic Bread)
Death by Dough (Smore Pizza)


Devil Dough (Spicy Pepperoni Pizza)
Mummy's Shroud (Cheese Pizza)


Monster Loaded PIzza (Meatza Meatza)


Pasta Station




Coagulated Bat Blood (Marinara Sauce)
Hanibal Remnants (Meat Sauce)


Ghostly Gruel (Alfredo Sauce)
Wicked Worms (Gemelli Pasta)

Grill Station


Frankenstein's Fried Toes (Fried Mozzarella Sticks)
Death by Sushi
Mummified Dogs (Pigs in a Blanket)
Igor's Flattened Fingers (BBQ Chicken Fingers)

Soup & Sizzle

Glenda's Good Witch Burger (Veggie Burger)


Jack O Lantern Soup (Fresh Pumpkin Bisque)

Vegan Station

Green Ground Goblins (Split Pea Soup)
Reapers Roost (Chicken Noodle Soup)
Ghastly Ghoulash (White Bean & Escarole Soup)
Bleeding Broth (GF Tomato Basil Soup)
Rotten Teeth (General Gau Tofu)
Ichabod Craine's Remains (VG Portobello Orzo Saute)




Stir Fry Station

Dirt Cake Trifle
Queasy Quesadilla Bar
Scary Cupcakes
Toasted Fingernails (Nacho Chips)
Macerated Inners (Queso Sauce)