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Guiding Stars Luncheon at Holloway Commons on Wed.


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Featured Lunch Menu Items



Euro Station

Our all-star chef brings on the Guiding Star rated recipes!Chris Kaschak-head chef of Holloway Commons
Lemon Dill Baked Salmon GS starGS starGS star


Pasta with Roasted Vegetables GS starGS starGS star
Cranberry Nut Chicken Salad Flat GS star


Chickpea Salad GS star
Cut Corn GS starGS star


Steamed Spinach GS starGS starGS star



Spaghetti Squash & Asparagus GS starGS starGS star


Roasted Cauliflower GS starGS starGS star
Baked Sweet Potatoes GS starGS starGS star


Sesame Nuggets GS starGS starGS star



Sundried Pesto and Veggie Pizza GS star


Grill Station


Veggie Burger GS star
Fresh Cut Fries GS star
Grilled Chicken GS starGS star
Soy Ginger Green Beans GS starGS star
Vegetable Fried Rice GS starGS star
White Rice GS starGS star
Brown Rice GS starGS star


Zucchini Brownies GS starGS star
Poached Pears with Pomegranate Seeds GS starGS star
Pumpkin Pudding GS starGS star