The Pita Pit Trailer

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The NEW UNH Pita Pit Trailer provides mobile lunch, dinner, and late night healthy options! The Pita Pit Trailer is based off of the well-known Pita Pit franchise that strives to provide healthy, fresh options at a fast food pace. The pitas are made out of Pita Pit’s soft and roll-able pita bread, with the option to add lean grilled meats, fresh vegetables, cheeses, and savory sauces. Some of the fresh, healthy options include Chicken Souvlaki (a Mediterranean seasoned chicken), Tuna, Falafel, or Hummus Pita. A quick grab, with a whole lot of nutrition make it a win-win for students here at UNH. Many college students struggle to eat well while maintaining a busy schedule and an option like the Pita Pit Trailer is just one way UNH is helping to ease that burden.

The Pita Pit Trailer is primarily located in the quad area at Mills Hall, but you will see it in various areas on campus. Some of these locations include the Wildcat Stadium, The Whittemore Arena, Recreation Center Outdoor Pool, Athletic Events, Sports Camps, Academic Buildings and more! 


  • Meat Pitas
  • Veggie Pitas
  • Toppings, Cheeses, Sauces
  • Coca-Cola Beverages


Meet the Manager

 Kenneth Cashman


The quad area at Mills Hall

Occasionally at the football field & other locations around campus

Payment Options

Cat's Cache
Dining Dollars
MasterCard/Visa ($5 Minimum)
American Express