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Come show your UNH spirit and join us down at Boulder Field for a Pep Rally BBQ (Harry Potter theme) on Friday, Oct. 11th. Starts at 5:00pm, following the parade.

Please join us down at Boulder Field on Oct. 11th from 4:30pm on for a Pep Rally BBQ. Starts at 5:00pm following the parade!
go UNHPlease note: Philbrook Dining Hall will be closing at 2:00pm and will not be open for dinner due to hosting this BBQ. Holloway will remain open to serve you!

BBQ Menu


BBQ Fawkes Wing (Chicken) Sandwiches

Hagrid's Hogs-Sweet Italian Sausage Subs

Muggle Stew & Chips (Vegan Chili w/Nacho Chips & Toppings)

Gillywater (Apple Cider)

Quidditch Rings (Cider Donuts)

Gluten Free Buns available for BBQ Chicken

Gluten Free Cupcakes

Additional Beverages & Entertainment by Coca Cola®

Thank you Coca Cola!