2016-2017 Meal Plans

Where Healthy Meets Variety. That's our new slogan. Shown here healthy hand-made veggie burgers, Chef Chris Kaschak in the greenhouses holding a fresh tomato and a picture of the new renovated seating area of Holloway Commons

A Quality Meal at Every Stop.

We offer a variety of meal plans and pricing created with convenience in mind to accommodate students’  busy lifestyles. Our meal plans provide great value, allowing you to eat at any dining hall, any time of day (during regular hours), as many times as you want. 

Here is a brief outline of our meal plan options. Each plan features Meals to Go, takeout meals available from any dining hall. Also included are Meal Exchanges which can be used in the Union Court as an alternative to eating in the dining halls during peak lunch hours. Students living in a traditional residence hall must choose from one of the unlimited plans each semester they are living on campus. Block Plans are available to students living in the Gables or Woodsides apartments, Babcock Hall or commuters living off-campus.

Premier Plan

Campus Plan



Unlimited meals in dining halls

Unlimited meals in dining halls

10 Guest Passes

6 Guest Passes

32 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges

16 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges

$300 Dining Dollars

$200 Dining Dollars


Core Plan

Block Plans


Provide a set number of admissions to the dining halls(s) of your choice; swipes can
also be used for a Meal to Go or a Meal Exchange. Block meal plans are available to all
students living in UNH campus apartments, as well as commuters and those living in
off-campus housing. 

Unlimited meals in dining halls

50/$445/ Averages 3 meals per week

2 Guest Passes

75/$635/ Averages 5 meals per week

6 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges

100/$805/ Averages 6 meals per week

150/$1145/Averages 9 meals per week Best Value!

$ Dining Dollars *Average meals per week are based on semester.

Dining Dollars are debit dollars that can be used at all dining locations. Dining Dollars can be used at most vending machines as well as Dunkin’ Donuts®, online and mobile orders.

Included with the Premier and Campus Plans