Kenneth M. Johnson, PhD
Carsey School of Public Policy and
Department of Sociology
University of New Hampshire


Miranda H. Mockrin, PhD
Rocky Mountain Research Station

USDA Forest Service

Susan I. Stewart, PhD
University of Wisconin - Madison

Field Definitions/Sources
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Residential Density Patterns in the Northern Forest:

U.S. National Forest Counties Map


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Note: Counties with 10% or more land area covered in National Forest are outlined.

The U.S. population is deconcentrating. Recent migration trends, fueled in part by the nation's love of forests and natural amenities, have been the major contributor to this landscape transformation. This database provides information on demographic change, national forests and natural amenities for each U.S. county. This research was supported by the Forest Service Northern Research Station, Rocky Mountain Research Station, and Washington Office; and the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire (see About This Project).