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Student Leadership Summit: Leaders for a Diverse Democracy

In college, students often play a leadership role, as: officers in student government, designers of specific projects, team members in collaborative learning experiences, captains of athletic teams, discussion leaders in a class, community participants and organizers, passionate objectors to an institutional practice or decision, and members of student clubs. Sometimes, they go through an orientation or training process where they learn to craft goals, design meetings, plan projects, and even hold others accountable for their contribution.

In this workshop, students will learn the ideals and practices of democratic leadership, a form of leadership that is attentive to coalition building, communication, interpersonal relationships, dissent, and conflict stemming from differences in social identity, ideology, and perspective. Specifically, students will learn to:

These are not only leadership skills. They are skills that can be applied in corporations, communities, small and large groups, and families.

Workshop duration: This is a two-part workshop. Part I is two and a half days; Part II is a full day learning exchange. Students are expected to take on a project or leadership role between Parts I and II, and to bring to Part II their reflections and concerns. Students will have ongoing support from each other, a blog or other way to communicate, and access to a coach, one of the workshop leaders.

Workshop Leaders: TBD


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