About Us

How We Operate

TDI is an initiative of the University of New Hampshire, but we work nationally, with all kinds of campuses and individuals, offices, and departments across campuses. TDI is supported by a director (Nancy Thomas), a communications director (Michele Holt-Shannon), and a board.

“Membership” is a bit of a misnomer, because we’re free. By joining, members receive periodic email updates, and we’re careful not to bombard in-boxes. To join, click here.

Beyond that, it’s up to individuals to decide whether and how they’d like to be involved. At the very least, we hope that our members will send us announcements, descriptions of model programs, news, and syllabi for our repository. We also encourage members to form working groups, host regional gatherings, and work with us to convene sessions at disciplinary conferences and association meetings. Members can also join ad hoc subcommittees to help us with TDI business.

We also encourage members to advocate for change on their own campuses. For more, see the Get Started page.