Dear All,

The summer finally comes, we are going to have a BBQ activity. The detail is as follows.

What: BBQ Party, Boating, Swimming, Volleyball

When: July 9 ( Next Saturday ) starting from 11:30am

Where: the Mendums Pond Recreation Area ( ) ( 9 miles from durham )

1. To enter the area, you need a pass. It is free to student and full time faculty with benefits, what you need to do is to go to whitemore center service desk, ask the staff there to put a sticker ( should be a yellow one for the Mendums Pond ) on your student ID.

2. We will provide food, it is also welcome if you want to bring your own food.

3. Please email Feng Ruxin ( ) or Li Jingwei ( ) to register for this activity no later than July 6 so that we know how much food we should prepare and how we can arrange transportation.

4. We are going to meet at Forest Park Parking Lot at 11:00am and come back at about 3:00pm, you can stay there longer if you want.

Question: Please contact with Feng Ruxin or Li Jingwei.

Hope to see you all there and Have a nice summer.

Min Xu

When you email to register, please tell us (a) how many persons you are registering for, any children? (b) do you plan to drive your car there?