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CSSA at University of New Hampshire

   Hi, welcome to the Chinese Student and Scholar Association at the University of New Hampshire.

   Founded in 1866, the University of New Hampshire is a public University serving an undergraduate population of 10,500 students. Recognized among public universities for the quality of the academic experience it provides to its students, UNH is also a rising star among research universities, yet it retains the look and feel of a New England liberal arts college with a faculty dedicated to teaching.

   Ideally located in the rural town of Durham, UNH is within 20 minutes of the Maine and New Hampshire seacoasts, and one hour of Boston, Portland, and the White Mountains.

   UNH had her first Chinese student,Pingping Chih, from mainland China in 1981. Ms. Chih came from the Institute of Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and started her PhD program in Physics Department in the fall of 1981. Her family joined her later. In Durham, they might be the first Chinese family from mainland China. Since then, more and more Chinese students and scholars first settle down in Durham and start their career and American dream at UNH.Although almost any folks would choose leaving after finishing the program or getting better offer somewhere else, the size of Chinese Community in Durham still keeps enlarging. Now, we have totally about two hundred persons, including family members. The exact number unavailable because the personnels vary from year to year.

   CSSA at UNH is a big family. Every single Chinese (from mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), American-Chinese, Chinese-American, or whatever, living in campus of UNHand the regions nearby, could be in principle considered belonging to this family.

   If you have any question or want to update your information, please contact any of our committee members. If you are looking for any single member of our family, please go to our Directory. Thank you for your visit!


Our Mission

·                     To Unify all the Chinese people at UNH for a friendly and harmonious community


·                     To Propagate China's history and culture to offer much learning about China


·                     To Bond with other diverse cultures to consolidate friendship with brotherly organizations



Current Committee Member of CSSA at UNH


Yang, Yilong


 Vice President

Deng, Nengxiu


 Minister of Sports

Chang, Rui


 Minister of Activities & Events I

Guo, Xiao


 Minister of Treasure

Hong, Zhengang


 Minister of Activities & Events II

Wen, Baole




Former Committee Members of CSSA at UNH


Wen, Baole; Gao, Xiongzhuo; Dai , Zhongwei; Shi, Wei; Hong, Zhengang; Zhao, Yong


Jia, Xiaoxiong; Cai, Xi; Chen, Junhong ; Guo, Qing ; Li, Guanlai ; Li, Weihua


Liu,Yanhua; Pan, Yibin; Zhang, Zhexuan ; Li, Xiaolu ; Wang, Liang


Ding, Rui; Ma, Jing; Duan,Suwen; Han, Qing; Xu, Yi; Shen, Yi; Chen, Gang


Xia, Qian; Ma, Jing; Yuan, Chengwei; Wu, Jianmei; Zhou, Ying; Wang, Guang; Jiang, Ning


Qian, Xin; Hu, Shunfu; Gu, Fan; Zhao, Hailin; Sheng, Xiangpin; Zhang, Chongxu


Xu,min; Li,jinwei; Fen,ruxin ; Zhao,Hailin,Li,Yu


Sun,Jiebing; Miao,Bing; Liu,Yong ; Yao, Shaoning;Chen,Jianjun; Lu,Yipin


Shen, Xiaoxuan; Shang, Bing; Chen, Yuchen; Zhang, Mingxia; Wu, Fan

Li,Zhengmao; Liu,Yong; Su,Yu; Chen,Xionghui; Lin,Panlong
Zheng,Qiuhua; Tian,Ying; Ouyang,Tao; Yin,Yan; Li,Minghua; Zhu,Yinghua; He, Henry
Lu,Xun; Jiang,Feng; Wang,Xuelei; Wu,Qihui; Qiu,Xiaozhou; Zhou,Min
Huang,Xiangdong; Yan,Shuo;
Chen,Zongyuan; Deng,Chaoyang; Yang,Min; Yang,Ning; Wu,Yongjun; Zhou,Ye
Sun,Xiankai; Lin,Jun; Shi,Ying; Deng,Rongpin;
Ye,Neng; Gao,Ya; Wang,Degang


Contact Us

If you would ever have any comments, former CSSA members'  contact information or suggestions about this site, please contact the webmaster Your kind help is greatly appreciated!