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"One of the most difficult parts of living with an invisible illness is the stigma associated with it. Are we sick? Are we faking it? Only we can make that call.  Our feelings are subjective to our own experiences, so it can be difficult to connect with or understand if you do not have a chronic illness."  Read the whole article - Living with Invisible Illness, written by UNH student,  Main Street Magazine, Fall 2016

2015 Students with Disabilities Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with students held in March 2015

2014 Panel Discussion with UNH Students with Disabilities

Kevin Ennis ’15

Shannon Reville ’14 created this video about UNH student Kevin Ennis ’15

Monica Quimby '09


Monica sustained a spinal cord injury in a skiing accident, she now works as an Adjunct Professor at Southern Maine Community College and works as an advocate for people with disabilities. Read more about Monica's story in the UNH Alumni Magazine.

Josh Crary '10

Josh Crary

Born with Choroideremia (CHM), a rare, inherited eye disorder that causes retinal deterioration and blindness, Josh Crary, a graduate of UNH, faces life's challenges with enthusiasm and shares his perspectives on growing up with a disability. Read his story on running the Boston Marathon.