• SnowCat crew
    SnowCAT Crew - 2017 Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities Award Recipients
  • Four students sit at a table during a panel discussion.
    Annual Students with Disabilities Panel Discussion
  • Randy Pierce hikes a snow-covered steep accompanied by his working dog.
    Randy Pierce '88 discussed his hiking experiences during a recent program co-sponsored by the commission.
  • Two skiers, one seated in an adaptive sled, pose on a snow-covered trail.
    Northeast Passage offers a wide range of programs and adaptive sports equipment.


card with emergency response action symbols
Free Workshop: Plan Your Response for an Autism Emergency (Families)
Wed, June 7
6:30pm-8:00pm, UNH, MUB - Strafford Room
Presenter: Dennis Debbaudt (www.autismriskmanagement.com) has authored over 40 articles related to autism and has been a training specialist on the matter for years.  He has trained and created autism subject matter for law enforcement, first response (EMT and Fire), criminal justice professionals and agencies across the world.  Click here to register and learn more
2 persons with around around each other

Best Buddies UNH

a UNH student matched in a one-to-one friendship with an individual in our community with an intellectual or developmental disability.  A peer buddy meets with their matched friend at least twice a month and holds weekly communication with their friend.   Activities and events are also planned for the whole group each month. Click here to find out more info

Questions, accessibility concerns, feedback

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Questions or concerns about access or disability needs may occur as you experience the UNH campus. We want to hear from you. Click here to provide your feedback or ask questions through our online form.




The mission of the President’s Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities is to promote empowerment and inclusion of students, faculty and staff and guests with disabilities at the University of New Hampshire. The Commission acknowledges that people with disabilities are a diverse group that includes individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. Read the full mission statement.



Priority snow route plan

UNH Facilities has identified two (2) priority snow/ice removal routes (view map here). These routes will be maintained hourly. They include sidewalks, building entrances and Access Van pick-up/drop-off points. Students should make note of these routes as they may differ from usual ones used.

Other sidewalks/areas will continue to be cleared as well, however, they will be cleared less regularly than the “priority routes." Please be aware of balance, equipment and other factors that may be affected by snow and ice.

Educational apps for students

Disability Services for Students (DSS) has created a list of Free and Low-Cost iOS and Android Apps and tools to assist students with reading, writing, note-taking, study-skills/organization and brainstorming activities.

Visit www.unh.edu/disabilityservices/apps to learn more.