Bias Free Language Guide

This guide is meant to invite excellence in out campus community. Each step of inclusion moves us closer to a full democracy. The text was prepared for faculty, staff, and students of the UNH community to encourage the full range of contributions that we offer as individuals and members of various groups. The guide presents practical revisions in our common usage that can make a difference and break barriers realating to diversity. The guide is divided into 6 areas of interest

  • Age, class, size
  • Ability/disability status
  • Race, ethnicity, culture, and immigrant status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Womend and Gender
  • Micro-aggressions

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Understanding Identitites Guide

"Understanding Identities" may help you learn /review the terms of various sexual identities. You'll find the identities listed in terms of similarities. You'll also find prefixes and pronouns upholding accuracy and respectfulness in portraying sexual identity.

Joelle Ryan, who teaches in the UNH Women's Studies program has said, "Changing pronoun usage will not eradicate oppression, but it can go a long way toward dismantling the oppressive binary gender system of male/female and promote progressive change for. . . LGBTQ+ people.”  

Though you may have many words at your disposal, you can't define another person's identity by what you perceive since each person has a unique way of seeing themselves sexually (and intellectually, spiritually and so on). Our identities often evolve as we learn more about ourselves and about the choices we have.   We look forward to your feedback!

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Inclusive Community Advancing Respect and Excellence (ICARE)

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A newsletter which serves as the voice of the President's Commissions on the Status of Women, the Status of People of Color, the Status of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues and the Status of People with Disabilities. See the current issue January 2011»

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