Celebrating UNH's Black Pioneers

Campus Journal article, May 2015, Michelle Morrissey, Communications and Public Affairs

UNH Hosted a Pioneer Black Alumni Weekend recently to pay homage to those who paved the way for future generations by being among the first students of color to enroll at UNH.  The weekend also featured the induction of nine new members of the UNH Alumni Diversity Hall of Fame Yusuf Ali El '72, Alfred McClain Jr, '84, Edward Bruce Bynum '70, Lawrence Woods '72, Joseph Hill '73, Gregory Banks '74, Warren Hardy Scott '73, Yvette Olivia George '71 and Deborah Brynum-Morgan '73.

The evening was organized by John Laymon '73, who wanted to bring together the living legends of the 60's and 70's at UNH.  It also brought together alumni with today's students of color, allowing them to meet with some of the school's first African-American students, and hear about their experiences here.

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L-R, Shelly-Ann Richmond, Tito Jackson, Malik Aziz, Earlene Mends