Current Initiatives

The commission’s membership has always been comprised of individuals committed to change—changing the racial and ethnic composition of the university community; changing the climate of the university community so that all individuals are welcome, comfortable and successful; changing the interplay between the university and the larger community.  These commitments represent large and complicated goals which historically have been a core challenge to the commission’s efforts to be effective and viable as an organization.  Our hope is that the efforts and organization outlined below will provide the necessary focus for the commission to be productive and visible on campus relative to the role and experience of people of color at UNH.

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Goals in Progress

  1. Commission Conversations
    • Review and renew efforts to institutionalize a sustained dialogue series
    • Organize a once a semester facilitated conversation on a timely topic around race/ethnicity ( could partner with current programs such as "Say What" or with other groups like  ART (Anti-Racism Team), Social Justice Educator program, etc…)
    • Invite expert presentations by members of the Commission or faculty of color on campus to speak about their research on race and culture.
  1. Bystander Awareness Program
    • Create the framework and pilot a program to foster bystander awareness around issues of race and ethnicity on campus.
    • This group would work as the facilitator between multiple partner groups potentially including: SJE, MUB, ART, Discovery Fellows, Prevention Innovations, OISS, ResLife, Navitas and the ESL Institute to develop a race based bystander awareness program.
  1. Instruction, Curriculum, Community Building (ICCB) for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
    • The major focus of the ICCB is the development and implementation of the dialogue/community conversation portion of the MLK Celebration Series. This is the signature event of this Commission
    • The ICCB will also undertake joint efforts to develop curriculum and professional development to support the commission goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity. 


    Ongoing Efforts


    The Recruitment & Retention sub group shall continue with the original charge and will focus its efforts on textbook affordability, financial aid, and curriculum advising 



    Goal: continue to work with Department of Athletics to insure that under-represented students have positive experiences while at UNH and that Athletics is committed to the steps outlined in their NCAA 10-year re-certification plan.



    Goal: Making the commission more visible using various social and print media formats to enhance communications with constituents.