The Commission

The UNH President's Commission on the Status of People of Color proposes, recommends, and evaluates programs, policies, and services aimed at enhancing diversity and supporting people of color within the UNH community. The commission acts to ensure implementation of goals to increase campus diversity through minority student, faculty, and staff recruitment and retention, and through curriculum development.

As an advocacy group, the commission identifies, recommends, and supports creative strategies for promoting and supporting campus diversity; it responds to issues, needs, and concerns identified within the community; it works to establish effective and collaborative working relationships between departments, offices, committees, commissions, and special programs that play a role in fostering diversity on campus and ensuring that the environment is supportive of the minority populations.

The Commission advises the President of the University and the Associate Vice President of the Office of Community, Equity and Diversity, on issues for people of color. In order to do this, the Commission collects information on the climate of the university for people of color as well as on the status of people of color in our community. The Commission also provides education and programs to help encourage an inclusive and equitable climate. To do its work effectively, the Commission consults and collaborates with other Presidential Commissions, and UNH offices and organizations.

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