Working with ECS

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Planning and Process

After we receive your job request form we will set up a preliminary meeting with the Editorial and Creative Services (ECS) staff. An editor and a designer will meet with you and guide your thinking as you consider how to communicate your message. Be ready to discuss the following:

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • What is your central message?
  • What action do you want to result from your message?
  • When and how will you distribute your publication?
  • When will you distribute your message?
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • How will you measure your success?

Production Schedules

The best way to produce a quality publication is to build adequate time into your schedule. As you plan your project, keep in mind your deadline for completion. Working backward from this deadline, we will set up a schedule that includes stages for conceptualization, writing or editing, design, proofing by the client, photography, and production. Please use the following schedules as a reference when planning your communications-related projects. These schedules are to be used as a guide and can increase at peak production times (i.e., end-of-year, Commencement, etc.). Please plan accordingly when requesting your job.


Production Time


9 weeks


4-6 weeks


3 weeks


3 weeks (after event details have been finalized)


3 weeks (once photos have been submitted)


5-6 weeks (once content and photos have been submitted)

Program/Event Signage

2 weeks

Suite of Materials

12 weeks

Please note that these schedules allow for three rounds of proofing. Any delay in approvals or an increase in the number of requested editing rounds may result in a later delivery date. 


Your distribution strategy helps determine the look, feel, quantity, and cost of your project. For print projects, knowing the quantity enables the printer to order the right amount of paper for the job. At any mailing house, including UNH Mail Services, the mailing labels need to be readied in advance of the publication. For Web projects, e-mails lists must be readied and methods for building e-mail lists must be part of the distribution strategy.

If you have questions about your stationery and/or business cards, please contact us at (603) 862-1460 or e-mail.


Editorial and design services are offered free of charge. ECS recoups only out-of-pocket costs. Such costs may include photography, printing, technical Web development, and associated distribution. Design and editing decisions are based on your budgetary considerations and limitations.

When the estimated cost exceeds $35,000, University System policy requires that we work with UNH Purchasing to get competitive quotes on production costs. Bidding takes a minimum of three weeks, so it is important to see us early on large projects.

If your project falls outside the normal activities of the office or should the staff be unable to meet your design requests in the time frame requested, freelance designers may be called in at an additional charge to the client.

We look forward to working with you!