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Graphic Identity

A consistent graphic identity is a key component of communicating the University of New Hampshire’s brand.

  • All University of New Hampshire materials, whether printed or digital, must display the wordmark, properly.
  • The wordmark should be legible. Check for color accuracy.
  • The wordmark should be treated respectfully. Do not adapt it to illustrations or other logos.

Details regarding appropriate formats for print, web, stationery and business cards are available on this site. The quality of your communication depends on choosing the right format. A print download will not work properly for the web and vice versa. Designated color and font choices follow this reasoning as well.

ECS has provided downloads for print and web in four formats—Pantone, white, CMYK, and black and white—for all versions of our logos.

If you’re unsure about which version of the wordmark to use or need to create one for your department or organization, please contact us at Editorial and Creative Services (ECS): (603) 862-1460 or e-mail. We will be happy to help you.

The University Seal
The University seal is not available for download for either print or web communications. It is reserved for use by the University President. Permission to use the seal must be made through Editorial and Creative Services.

Athletics Identity

In February of 1926, the New Hampshire Wildcat was chosen as the official college mascot. Prized for its “on-field” aggression, the Wildcat was redesigned in 2001. It is now the official logo for the Department of Athletics at the University of New Hampshire.


Athletics is the only department within the University that has been permitted to develop its own graphic identity program—complete with a copyrighted wordmark, family of logos, and unique color palette. Proceeds from the licensing of these logos and wordmark benefit athletic scholarships and may only be used by athletics. These logos and wordmark may be used only by offices within athletics.

Athletics marks may not be used in conjunction with the University marks.

If you have any questions about the Department of Athletics graphic identity program, please call (603) 862-4677.