For titles, use lowercase except when preceding a name or when used in a mailing address. President Mark W. Huddleston; Mark W. Huddleston, president of the University of New Hampshire; the president. Dean Barbara Arrington; Barbara Arrington, dean of the College of Health and Human Services; the dean. Assistant Professor Thomas Payne; Thomas Payne, assistant professor of English; the assistant professor.
For unit names, capitalize full references and lowercase subsequent alternative references. College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; the college. Department of Physics; the department, the physics department. Dimond Library; the library. Exceptions to this title rule: University of New Hampshire; the University.
When referring to the academic year, fall semester, spring semester, and summer session are lowercase, as are first-year student (freshman), sophomore, junior, and senior.
Academic degrees are lowercase when spelled out: baccalaureate degree, bachelor’s degree, bachelor of arts; master's degree, master of science; doctoral degree, doctorate, doctor of philosophy, etc. Note the plural form: bachelor's degrees; master's degrees; doctoral degrees.
Academic degrees are abbreviated with periods and closed up: B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D., D.Ed., M.D., etc. Plural form: B.A.’s, B.S.’s, M.A.’s, M.S.’s, Ph.D.’s, D.Ed.’s. (The 16th edition of the Chicago Manual allows for degrees without periods. However, the University’s catalogs retain the periods. Consistency within the publication is the guideline.)
Names of majors, minors, concentrations, and programs are lowercase within text.
Lowercase “fax” and “e-mail” in text. In listings, lowercase when the word follows the number; uppercase it when it precedes the number. Fax: (603) 862-1188; (603) 862-1188 is the fax number. E-mail:; send e-mail to
Lowercase the compass directions north, south, east, and west (including northern, southern, eastern, and western) when not part of a proper name. Capitalize in reference to a proper name or region. The Northeast, but northeastern.