“Go big or go home – that’s how I live.”

KurtHigh school started out rough for Kurt, he wasn’t pointed in any particular direction and was dealing with a chaotic family life.  Fortunately, he had some important people in his life that helped push him towards college and to start setting loftier goals for himself.  By his junior and senior years, he was doing well in school and had taken his golf game to new heights.  Golf was a major part of Kurt’s life in high school, his career included two state championships, two state champion runner-ups, and by his senior year, he was the third ranked golfer in the state. 

At first Kurt only applied to UNH as a back-up option, he was set on heading South for college where golfing would be his first priority.  But as his senior year rolled on, his passion for golf began to wane and his interest in business started to take hold.  He had started working for his best friend’s father’s company his junior year and was quickly learning how a business is run.  He soon decided that the reputation of the Whittemore School of Business and being close to family were the most important factors to him. 

Kurt viewed college as a fresh start and the chance to become an independent person. He came in originally as a Business major. During his first semester his Admin 400 class inspired him to switch from Business to Economics.  That same semester, his Politics and Society course sparked his interest in politics enough that he picked up a double major in Political Science. 

Outside of the classroom, he also jumped right in.  Within a couple of weeks of moving into Williamson Hall, he joined the Golf Team and Student Senate.  Both of which have played major roles in his experience at UNH since.  His RA that year, Conor McGuire, was extremely influential and he soon applied to be an RA as well. 

These different experiences taught Kurt a lot about himself and where he wants his life to go.  His first year as an RA in the Mini Dorms was very challenging, but the experience was unbelievably rewarding.  He speaks warmly of “his guys” from Marston House and of Michaela Page, his Hall Director, who continually pushed him to be better.  His junior year, he returned full circle as an RA back to Williamson, to the floor Conor had been on, where his experience has been “awesome.”

The other major force in his life, outside of UNH, has been his experience with Collegiate Entrepreneurs.  He was hired as a Branch Manager of the company in his sophomore year and his job was to find houses to paint, hire crews to paint them, and supervise the painting.  That summer the job was his life, and it was the most challenging thing he’d ever done.  But of course, he loved it.  He loved that his success was a direct result of the amount of effort he put into it.

Success has followed Kurt in nearly all of his endeavors.  The Golf Team he joined had zero wins his first season, but since he’s been captain, they’ve won all but one tournament and have won two consecutive conference championships.  In Student Senate, he became an officer his sophomore year, with the role of Public Relations Manager.  His junior year, he was elected by the student body to be the Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees. With Collegiate Entrepreneurs, he has been promoted to Executive Manager and now hires and trains Branch Managers, as well as running his own branch. 

Kurt does not attribute any of his achievements to any special talents or gifts.  When asked how he has been so accomplished at such a young age, his answer without hesitation is that he’s never quit anything he’s done, ever.  The only other thing he attributes to his success is the focus he puts on balance: balancing priorities and managing his time well. 

If Kurt could give one piece of advice to other UNH students it would be to stick to your passions.  He sees a clear difference between those who are doing stuff because they think they have to and those who are doing what truly matters to them.   For Kurt, increasingly this has been business.  Political Science has become more of passing interest than a career choice.  He finds the business side of things appealing; not because you can make money, but because in the business world, if you work hard, it’s rewarded and you can create the changes you want to make. 

For now, Kurt is looking towards his senior year and preparing for life after college.  He wants to start narrowing his priorities now that he’s tried so many different things at UNH.  He’s not sure yet if he wants to apply to law school, business school, or go right into working for Collegiate Entrepreneurs full time.  Whatever he chooses to do, it’s safe to say that he’s going to be a success at it; for Kurt, that’s par for the course.

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