“Get involved with different things because you don’t know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet.  This is the time of your life, there are so
many opportunities.”

Amy TaetzschIf you were to look at a copy of Amy Taetzsch’s resume, you might be surprised to learn that she was a senior in college.  Throughout her time at UNH, Amy has taken advantage of an incredible number of opportunities.   She will soon graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, but the contributions that she has made to the classroom and university community will have a lasting impact.

Amy first became interested in UNH because of the Nutrition Program.  She became aware of the profession during her sophomore year of high school when she was asked to pick a career to research for an assignment.  She chose a nutritionist because it was related to two of her favorite interests:  athletics and cooking.  Amy found it interesting at the time, and in her words it “just stuck.”  She’s passionate about her major because she loves having the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their lives- after all, everyone needs to eat!

Although Nutrition is a complex field, Amy has proven that she is up to the challenge.  She is in the Honors College and her name has consistently made an appearence on the Dean’s List.  Not only has she maintained an impressive GPA, but she has also taken her passion for her major outside the classroom.  She has taken part in a counseling field experience at UNH Health Services Office, learning techniques to help instill a greater sense of self-confidence in others.  She had another field experience at the Rockingham Community Action WIC Program, where she has created educational materials for families and assisted in organizing certification clinics.  Amy has also worked as a Dietary Aide in a retirement community, a Nutrition Assistant at Portsmouth Hospital, and a Diabetes Dietetic Intern at Camp Carefree in New Hampshire.   She has fulfilled the role of an Education Assistant for the New Hampshire Food Bank Backpack Program, where she combined her knowledge and creativity to make educational materials to give to children.  Amy is a Peer Educator for the Health Services Office, and sat at a table at the Campus Recreation Center every Monday night for twelve weeks to distribute information about nutrition.  It was rewarding for her to take everything she’d learned in her classes and engage with students and offer them assistance.

In 2008, Amy was granted a Summer Undergraduate Research Award.  In brief, her research focused on analyzing the effect of a  flame retardant chemical on obesity rates in rats exposed to a diet high in fat and sugar.  Amy will use this research to complete her senior thesis.  In addition, she will present her results at the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference.  In the fall of 2008, Amy’s dedication and enthusiasm were recognized through one of the top awards in her major:  the Nutrition Faculty Award from the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences.

In addition to her academic commitments, Amy has been an active student leader on the UNH campus.  Not only has she excelled in her studies, but she helps others with their academics by serving as a Study Group Facilitator at the Center for Academic Resources.  Amy was an Honors Peer Mentor as well, helping two first year honors students transition to life in college.  She has served as an Admissions Representative and Orientation Leader.  She also works at the Advising and Career Services Office, helping students write their resumes and connecting them to valuable resources on campus.  She is the Treasurer for the academic chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma.  Off campus, Amy has been a volunteer since 2005 at Camp Sunshine, a camp for children with life threatening illnesses and their families.  As if that wasn’t enough, during spring break she completed an Alternative Break Challenge Trip to East Saint Louis, where she learned how to interact with people from different cultures.

When Amy was asked how she’s made the most of her story at UNH, she cited her motivation to get involved and make the most of her time.  She has also been inspired by the commitment demonstrated by many of the faculty and staff at UNH.  Her advice to fellow students is to be proactive and do your best in school, work, and friendships.  After graduation Amy is looking forward to an internship in the nutrition field.  She’s excited to start her professional career, but she’s also looking forward to simply enjoying life. 

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