"Step out of the mob while you're here...if you remain a follower, you'll never really know what your leadership potential is."

Spend a little time with Scott Migliori and you'll be impressed by how many different layers there are to his personality, his interests, and his involvement at UNH. From music to accounting to community service, his exper- iences in college have been incredibly diverse.

A Sophomore majoring in Business, Scott decided to enroll at UNH because he liked the casual feel of the campus and was impressed with the Whittemore School of Business and Economics. Since arriving in Durham, Scott has engaged in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Scott is currently serving as a Resident Assistant in Alexander Hall and will return for a second year in this position. In his time here, he has also been involved with the Laramie Project; he has served as a tutor and academic mentor for the Center for Academic Resources; he has been a Judicial Programs Office volunteer; he has been a Teaching Assistant for Financial Accounting; and he is a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars honors society. It's no wonder that when asked to describe himself in one word, he says, "motivated - there's very little I don't allow myself to do and I don't accept failure; it can be stressful at times but it's good for you to push your boundaries."

As a Resident Assistant, Scott provides leadership and guidance for a floor of residents, all of whom are first year students with undeclared majors. His residents certainly have a qualified mentor in Scott, someone who knows a great deal about UNH and who is willing to forge a unique college experience. "I would encourage students to step out of the mob while they're here. If you remain a follower, you'll never know what your leadership potential really is. You can't let all these great opportunities pass you by." The challenges and opportunities that come with the RA position have enriched his experience as a student leader, both inside the hall and outside of it. "I took the RA position because I thought it was the best way for me to give back to the UNH community. It's made me a more effective leader; I've learned to adapt my style to my residents' needs and I've had great opportunity to practice active listening." As a volunteer in the Alexander community service partnership with My Friend's Place, Scott has gained a unique perspective of life outside of college, "it's a wake-up call - working with students of a similar age who have a disability - and you really see a different side of your residents during a volunteer experience."

Before Scott graduates, he plans to, among other things, spend a summer studying in London. His plans after college are to work for a major accounting firm and then embark on some type of entrepreneurial adventure, applying his WSBE education and his leadership skills gained outside the classroom. Scott gratefully acknowledges Cari Moorhead (former WSBE Director of Advising and Undergraduate Programs) and William Knowles (Accounting and Finance Professor) as two people who have influenced him here at UNH. "Cari is someone who really encourages motivation, and Dr. Knowles is an amazing teacher who really knows how to relate to students."

It is both interesting and refreshing to hear Scott's UNH story. A role model for any male college student, he's made the most of his experience and has found ways to contribute to the UNH community. He speaks highly of his university, "despite its size, if you take the initiative, everyone here will help you and wants to help you." Fortunately for the UNH community, his university can speak highly of him as well.

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