Self Testing


Self Testing (SFT)
How you prepare for a test depends largely on the actual steps you take to make sure you understand the content.  This is called self-testing, and if done properly can have a positive impact on your course grades. 

Here are a few questions:  

  • Do you review before a test?
  • How do you study for a test?
  • Do you stop periodically while reading to review the content?

Success in college depends on your:

  • Use of techniques in order to determine level of comprehension
  • Use of reviewing material to increase comprehension

If you have problems with self testing, you may want to:

  • Learn techniques for information review
  • Monitor level of understanding of information
  • Increase ability to apply what is being learned

Students should attend these online workshops:

  • Preparing for Final Exams
  • Test Preparation & Test Strategies
  • Preparing for Academic Success