Peer mentors interested in returning next year, must undergo a rehiring process.  During the individual meeting during spring semester, students must bring an updated resume, and be prepared to discuss the academic year.  

Below are some questions for you to consider as you decide why you would like to return as a Peer Mentor or Senior Staff.  Please take some time to thoroughly reflect on these questions before your individual meeting:  

1.  As a Peer Mentor, you have had the opportunity to serve freshmen and transfer students of different race and ethnicities.  Please consider how the peer mentor position has helped you to communicate effectively with the program participants and your peers with whom you had to work.

2.  As a Peer Mentor, you have had to work as a member of a team.  Please consider the experience you have had as a team member this year and what you’ve taken from the position with regards to how groups form, develop, and are maintained.  How do you see your role in this group development changing as a returning Peer Mentor?

3.  As a Peer Mentor, part of your job focuses on creating and maintaining relationships with program participants.  Considering this past year, what were some of the challenges you faced in this area?  How did you overcome these obstacles?  What might you do differently next year if you were to return as Peer Mentor?

4.  What are the primary reasons you want to return to the Peer Mentor position?

5.  What are some goals you will set for yourself?

6.  If you are given the opportunity to return next year, are you able to make a yearlong commitment to the  Peer Mentor position? During the summer portion, you will need to before Connect week.  Also consider early graduation, exchange programs, and full-time internships.  

7.  We strive for continuous program improvement, and are considering changes for next year.  Considering these possibilities, how will you need to adjust in order to adapt to these changes?

8.  What suggestions do you have for improving the program?