Pre-Reading Study Aids

Pre-Reading Study Aids

  • Textbook’s Title

The title describes what the whole book is about or how the author will approach the topic.  Making note of the title of the text will give you some idea as to its contents.

  • Table of Contents

This Study aid lists all of the main topics of the text.  This will help to understand the text’s organization and the relationships between the different sections of the text.

  • Chapter Titles

As with the book’s title, the chapter title will give you some idea as to the contents and main topics of the charter.

  • Chapter Preview, Outline, or Objectives

Chapter previews will give you an understanding of how the chapter is organized and the main topics that will be covered in the chapter.  Chapter objectives will help you learn what the author thinks is important in the chapter.

  • Review Questions

Is it sometimes helpful to look at the review question prior to reading.  These will help you identify what the important information is in the chapter.

  • Chapter Summery

Reading the chapter summery prior the toe chapter will give you some idea as to the type of information you should be finding as you read. Chapter summaries may appear at the beginning or end of the chapter.