Online Study Aids

There are a host of websites and online resources to help you with your studies at the University of New Hampshire.  Here are some of the best available:

How to Study
How to study is a website created by online learning guru, Ms. Lucy Tribble MacDonald.  This website has a lot of FREE resources related to college level learning.  What makes it a great resource is the fact that students assist with the actual content, based on what works for them.  This is a great way to utilize strategies that work for subject specific courses.  Have fun with your searching!

Open Source Information
There are several high profile schools (Harvard, Yale and MIT for example) that offer open source information on their courses.  These are valuable free resources that anyone with a computer can access.  The professors do not grade the work or assignments, but if you are interested in supplementing your learning, and increasing your chances at success, this is definitely worth the time to examine. Typically, you will find audio books, online courses, movies, language lessons, ebook and even textbooks!

Quia Web  (Click on the middle, Quia web)
This website is definitely for the visual learner!  There are a host of games, puzzles, quizzes, etc.  The best way to utilize this resource is to know what specific content you are covering in your course.  For example, if you are taking biology and are interested in remembering how cells divide, the key words you would search are: bacterial cell division, eukaryotic chromosomes, cell cycle, interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis, etc.  There are games for every subject!  Have fun.

You Tube
You tube is another great source for visual learners and audial learners.  There are a host of videos and tutorials that show you how to work math and chemistry problems or provide you with mnemonic devices to remember classifications.  Here is a video that differentiates the families of organic compounds.