History of Connect

The University of New Hampshire Connect Program began in 1994 as a 3 day summer orientation program designed to provide incoming students of color with a sense of community and belonging. The first Connect program had twenty nine (29) students and a graduate student coordinator.  UNH faculty and staff participated as mentors with great enthusiasm and commitment. The first program, though small in size, was well attended by students and their parents. In 2010, the program saw its biggest class, approximately eighty (80) students and a full-time coordinator!  Jamal studying
fter the success of this initial program, Connect was seen as a necessity to demonstrate the universities commitment to recruitment and retention of students of color at UNH. Today, Connect is a yearlong academic and social support program that includes:   
Academic Support Services The Connect Program provides summer participants with peer mentors who will provide guidance, study tables and assist students with adjusting to college life.  In addition, we will provide personalized academic success plans using the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, or LASSI.  We partner with Center for Academic Resources, Connors Writing Center and the Math Center to provide students the additional support.  We will work closely with the student, instructors, and academic advisor in monitoring the student’s first year progress.  

Counseling & Advising   Students are assigned to a peer mentor who will guide them through their early transition from high school into the university.  In addition, summer participants will meet their academic advisor and college dean in an effort to forge closer relationships.

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Campus Survival Skills  Students are introduced to various campus and student support services, and will learn effective techniques for time management, money management, registration, selecting majors, setting realistic course loads, personal safety and security, and other challenges that may exist in the campus environment that may limit their overall college success. 

Social/Cultural Orientation   Students are exposed to the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the University of New Hampshire, and surrounding communities.  Students are introduced to a variety of social, service and leadership opportunities and options available to them on campus and in the local community. 

Advocacy & Support Services The Connect program works in collaboration with various campus offices to provide continuous support and advocacy behalf of its participants while they complete their undergraduate education.  The Connect office is available as a surrogate “home base” for many students who are leaving home and becoming independent for the first time.  In addition, we work closely with each college liaison to ensure a success transition into the students’ college. 

The Connect program seeks to accomplish the University's goals to make the University of New Hampshire a more diverse, respectful community that communicates to all its members they are respected and their contributions valued.