Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the Connect summer program? 

Connect will start the week of August 18, 2013!

Connect does not end after the summer program! During the academic year, we will continue to provide support.  There will be a variety of social and academic activitie and participants will stay in contact with their peer mentor.     

Are families invited to any portions of Connect?
Families are strongly encouraged to attend the Connect Welcome.  Families may sign up for the e-newsletter which will provide up-to-date information on our programs and services.

Where do I live during the Connect summer program?
All Connect Summer participants will be residing in their fall housing assignments.  Everyone will check-in their designated housing assignment.  A Residence Assistant and Hall Director will be in the buildings from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm to provide you with the keys to access your room.

What should I bring to Connect?
If you are coming to UNH from a long distance, it is recommended that you arrive with the belongings you will be using for the academic year.  However, if you live close to the University of New Hampshire (50-mile radius), it is recommended that you bring enough items to last for three (3) days, and bring the rest on move in day (August 23), the beginning of UNH Wildcat Days.  For a list of items to bring for residential living visit:

What are the costs to participate in Connect?
There is NO FINANCIAL COST to participate in Summer Connect.   The University of New Hampshire is invested in your success!  We do mentor student 2011
NOT provide students with transportation from their home to campus.  The cost to you is an investment of your time and commitment to the goals of the program.  

What constitutes successful completion of Connect?
Successful completion of the program consists of full participation in all Connect activities throughout the academic year.  We would like you to remain in contact with the Connect office, peer mentors and utilize the campus resources (Peer Mentors, OMSA, CFAR, etc.) during the academic year. 

students murklandWhat is the selection process for Connect?
Students who identified as part of their admission to UNH as multicultural are invited to participate in the program.  We are looking for motivated students, who want to get acclimated to all that UNH has to offer. 

How long has Connect been in existence?
Connect began in 1994 as a pre-orientation program to UNH for multicultural students.  Your feedback will be instrumental in providing constructive guidance on how we can continue to improve Connect for years to come. 

How many students typically participate?
In 2010, approximately eighty (80) students participated in the program.  There were seventy-eight (78) participants in 2009.  Our current maximum capicity is about eighty (80) students. 

How will Connect help me?
Many students have a difficult time transitioning from high school to college, primarily because of unrealistic expectations about the rigors of college life.   Connect allows you to get a jump start by providing a comprehensive orientation to campus programs and services. 

In sum, what does Connect offer?
Academic Support Services
The Connect Program provides participants with peer mentors who will provide guidance, study tables and assist students with adjusting to college life.  In addition, we partner with Center for Academic Resources, Connors Writing Center and the Math Center to provide students the additional support.  We will work closely with the student, instructors, and academic advisor in monitoring the student’s first year progress. 

Counseling & Advising
Students are assigned to a peer mentor who will guide them through their early transition from high school into the university.  In helping hand
addition, summer participants will meet their academic advisor and college dean in an effort to forge closer relationships.

Campus Survival Skills
Students are introduced to various campus and student support services, and will learn effective techniques for time management, money management, registration, selecting majors, setting realistic course loads, personal safety and security, and other challenges that may exist in the campus environment that may limit their overall college success. 

Social/Cultural Orientation
Students are exposed to the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the University of New Hampshire, and surrounding communities.  Students are introduced to a variety of social, service and leadership opportunities and options available to them on campus and in the local community. 

Advocacy & Support Services
The Connect program works in collaboration with various campus offices to provide continuous support and advocacy behalf of its participants while they complete their undergraduate education.  The Connect office is available as a surrogate “home base” for many students who are leaving home and becoming independent for the first time.  In addition, we work closely with each college liaison to ensure a success transition into the students’ college. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions about Connect?
Should you have additional questions about the Connect Program, please contact:       
Anna Metzger, Program Director
University of New Hampshire
89 Main Street, Hood House, Room 114
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
Direct Phone: (603) 862-2221 Fax: (603) 862-3104

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