Mission Statement

The Connect STEM program is designed to support the academic, professional, and cultural development of multicultural, first-generation, and low-income students and other students traditionally underrepresented at the University of New Hampshire with an ultimate objective of increasing retention and graduation rates.

Through hands-on projects conducted by participants under the direction of UNH faculty and graduate students, Connect STEM introduces the excitement and skills necessary for new students to be successful in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors at UNH.  The program includes a year long mentor/mentee partnership which helps engage students with their coursework, provides professional development through networking and internships, explores future employment opportunities, and prepares for graduate and professional education. Programming offered throughout the year enriches participant's connection to the UNH community and its academic life. Connect STEM begins with a two week program prior to the beginning of the fall semester.


Participating in Connect STEM

This is a competitive program with limited space. We have reached our target capacity!


What Connect STEM Will Provide You and What You Need to Do

Successful completion of Connect STEM Program will give you skills and support network to enhance your first semester achievement which will improve your chances of being admitted to the department of your choice. Participation in Connect STEM will not guarantee admission to your first choice major.

To complete the Connect STEM  successfully, you must participate actively in:  

  • summer Connect STEM, including attending all classes, workshops, evening activities as well as  presenting your project  on the last day of the Program, and
  • the fall academic year program components, including program workshops and regular  interaction with your peer mentor.

You will be considered for your first choice major in your first year during that program’s period for declaring the major. You will need at least an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or above with grades of C or better in the courses which  the specific department requires for its students the first semester.  Note that some departments may require a higher overall GPA or a specific minimum grade for courses. In some cases, program availability may also affect access. Programs may also look at your performance in a sequence of courses. If you are missing one or more of those courses, you may need to wait for review until successful completion.  Department review will be on a case by case basis,  and departments reserve to the right to not accept students based on review of the student’s record.  Participation in Connect STEM does not guarantee admission to that  first choice major.

Please refer to the following college websites for more information about entrance  (declaration) and specific program requirements: College of Engineering and Physical SciencesCollege of Life Science and Agriculture.

Will I Be Admitted to My First Choice Major

During Connect STEM, we will help you get into one or two of the recommend courses for your intended major. Here is a listing of recommended first semester courses for College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and College of Sciences and Agriculture majors.  Be aware that you may not have access to one or more of those courses listed, based on your past academic performance, space availability, or course sequencing. We will try to set you on the path to be successful in those courses.  But we also want you to be aware that your success will also be a function of the effort you put into Connect STEM and your first semester courses.

At some point in your first three semesters, you will need to declare a major. Your academic advisor and the Connect Program staff will guide you through this process. Each major program/department has its own requirements and procedures for major declaration.  Here is a summary of current requirements and procedures for College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and College of Life Sciences and Agriculture majors. Each department makes its own decision to admit a student, based on that student's academic record. Participation in Connect STEM will improve your skills but will not automatically assure that your will be admitted to your intended major.