Connect student with parent 2011

Parents play a significant role in their student's college success.  Many entering freshmen are unaware of the academic requirements, and time commitments needed to meet the rigors of college.  The information included in these pages are not an exhaustive list, but an accumulation of articles, books and conversations while working with a variety of college students and their parents. 

There are six (6) keys to being a successful student:     

Connect student with parents 2011
1. Freshmen Year Expectations
 2. Academic Success
 3. Personal Development
 4. Campus Involvement
 5. Campus Resources
6. Career Development

As parents, you can help influence your student to success in a number of ways.

During the summer, encourage your student to utilize some of the technology that will be needed.  These technologies include: 
*Word Processing.  Students will need to learn how to type papers.  There are several free products on the world wide web for students to begin practicing how to type and use the various formatting tools.  Some students make great money by typing papers for other students.  

*Share Life Challenges.  Students will no doubt have many new experiences in college.  They will question many of the values they learned from their parents/family, and meet people who have values different from their own.  Even though your student is in college, you are still a great resource.  Be open with your student and provide examples of how you overcame challenges and difficulties during your time in college.  If you did not go to college, share your knowledge or insights on how you have navigated problems throughout your life. 

*Discuss Expectations.  Your student is transitioning into adulthood.  A part of that transition is the need for independence.  Students will express their independence in a variety of ways.  It is important that you communicate and agree to some basic expectations.  Some of these may include weekly check-ins, how you will deal with access to grades (see FERPA policy), budgeting, etc.  

Connect student parent and mentor 2011*Home sickness.  Some students may experience home sickness.  The first indicators are usually frequent trips home, every weekend.  It will be tough to ask your student to stay on campus, but they should do so.  Frequent trips home only furthers their home sickness and it does not provide students the opportunity to make friends and connections on campus.   

*Get a Jump Start.