Attitude (ATT)
Have you ever heard the saying, "attitude is everying?"  Well if you have not, you just did!  Your attitude often determines the course of your entire day.  If you think positive, positive things tend to happen.  Have you checked your attitude today? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • How clear are you about your own educational goals?
  • Is school really important or worthwhile to you?
  • Do you have a “Plan B” or second major in mind?
  • Are you able to eliminate negative “self talk? ?’

Success in college depends on your:

  • Attitude and interest in college
  • Approach to college, is it facilitative or debilitative in respect to getting academic work completed
  • Beliefs as to the importance or relevance college has for your longterm goals

If you have problems with your attitude, you may want to:                                                     

  • Develop a better understanding how college and their academic performance relates to life and goals
  • Find ways of looking at their academic experiences which is more connected to their specific interests
  • Complete the online module for attitude

Students should also review these online workshops:

  • Goal Setting & Motivation
  • Preparing for Academic Success

Students may also use these campus resources:

  • Counseling Center
  • Schedule a meeting with your Connect Peer Mentor to set goals

A Winning Attitude

Attitude is everything.  These tips will help you create a winning attitude, and help others to do the same. 

Use the right words
Use statements like, “I have a positive attitude,” or “We’ll find a solution,” in daily conversation.  The words you use on a daily basis have a major impact on your attitude and moods.

Strive for Optimism
Having a positive attitude is something you should strive for.  It isn’t something you are or are not, it is something you become.

What company do you keep?
Do your friends have negative attitudes?  Does it rub off on you?  Many times the company we keep can affect our attitudes.  If your group at work or home negatively affects your attitude, take the necessary steps to change the situation.  If all else fails, change the people around you.

When you know you need a Change
When you know you aren’t happy, admit it to yourself and take action to reverse it. This is a very difficult thing to do especially when you aren’t in the mood to admit things to yourself.  It may be hard, but it is worth it.  When you are negative, realize it and change it.

Listen to What Others Say
We may like to tell ourselves that we are positive people, but it’s not always true.  Listen to what your friends say about your attitude.  They may say things that you don’t want to hear, but sometimes the best changes in life come from constructive criticism.

What Makes You Happy?
When you know what makes you upset, you will be able to avoid these situations and save yourself the tension and frustration they bring.  If it is a situation that you cannot avoid, learn how to make the best of it.  This is vital to your attitude and mood.  Your “happy” buttons will serve to improve your attitude again and again. 

Appreciate the Things You Have
Look around you and learn to appreciate everything you have in your life. Your family, friends, career, home, food, car, etc., is enough to create a positive attitude because no matter how bad things get in life, we still must be thankful for everything we still have.  Put things into perspective, and enjoy the good things in your life. 

Think Twice before you Act Once
Look at problems logically.  When you let emotion take over, you may do things that made sense at the time, but in the end were not necessarily the best choice(s).  Before you act, think about what your action(s) will cause.  If a person does something wrong that negatively affects you, don’t attack.  Think about the best response.  Only after you have done this twice should you take action.

React VS. Respond
These two words are the difference between a happy, enthusiastic, positive person and a sad, frustrated, negative person.  When anything happens in life that affects you, both directly and indirectly, respond to the situation.  This means you think about it, use reason to find a solution, and take the appropriate measures.  When you react, you skip the reasoning stage and do what comes naturally in the moment.  This only serves to cause more problems and frustration.  Respond, do not react!

Don’t Join the Gossip
Don’t join on the negative conversations around you.  If you see a conversation heading towards that road, excuse yourself politely and leave.  If people come to you with gossip, offer positive suggestions for correcting the problem. 

Start in the Right Direction
Wake up with a smile.  Eat breakfast, as it gives you the foundational start for a great day.  You have a lot to accomplish and enjoy today.  Life is short, and you are going to make the most of this day, and every day after that.