Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are committed to your educational, professional and personal development.  Not only do they provide you with great advice, they also provide you with information regarding your classes and major.  They are caring and supportive and treat you with respect, while being sensitive to your individual needs.  Academic Advisor’s responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor your academic performance and progress.
  • Assist you with registration as you plan your semester courses.  
  • Communicate college policies, procedures, and graduation requirements for your minor and major.
  • Provide links and referrals to other UNH student support services.  
  • Assist you with developing your educational goals.  
  • Monitor your progress towards graduation.  

Students also have responsibilities when seeking assistance from their academic advisors.  Some of these responsibilties include:

  • Respond to your academic advisors email requests.
  • Know the name, office location and phone number of your academic advisor. 
  • Schedule academic advising appointments in a timely manner, typically you will receive an email reminder.
  • Bring the needed materials to your academic advising appointment.   This includes degree audit, possible majors of interest,  determine what you can do with the major and ask questions. 
  • If your academic advisor gives you a referral to a campus resource, make sure you follow through with contact. 
  • Talk to your academic advisor if you are having any academic or personal difficulties. 
  • Talk to your academic advisor before dropping/adding courses, withdrawing or transferring from UNH.  
  • Accept personal responsibility for consequences of your choices.