1st Year Students

Welcome to UNH

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of New Hampshire! We welcome you and are excited that you will be joining us this fall and become a part of our University of New Hampshire family!

Many entering first-year students are unaware of the requirements, time commitments necessary to be successful students in college.  The rigors of college life will present many new experiences and challenges for you.    

Most of the information you will find throughout the Connect website are accumulated from a variety of articles, books, magazines, as well as personal experience. 

Each participant is matched with a peer mentor will provide you with advice, encouragement and assistance to adjust to campus social life.  During fall semester, your peer mentor will have office hours, bi-weekly checkins, lunch/dinner meetings and monthly face-to-face meetings.  These face-to-face meetings will focus on time management, test strategies, and overall academic success. 

In our experience, students need more support during the fall semester.  During the spring semester, your peer mentor will take a less active role, meeting with you during office hours and monthly check-ins.     

The suggestions below are a guide to help you "hit the ground running" with a solid foundation.  Good luck with your future endeavors!