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Environment / Sustainability

Explore and conserve the environment.

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4 [top]

4-H Teen Conference

A Summer Learning Experience for Youths Ages 14 through Grade 12

Offered through UNH Cooperative Extension, the statewide 4-H Teen Conference is for students ages 14 through Grade 12. Teens from across the state participate in four days packed with activities including half day and full day workshops on a multitude of topics and interests. Community service projects are included, as are opportunities for leadership development.

» 4-H

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Agriculture, Food & the Environment

A one-week, overnight program for high school students ages 15-17. The program will introduce students to the exciting world of agriculture science. Explorations will include the impacts of agriculture on the environment along with the many ways UNH researchers are working to lessen these impacts. Students will also learn how UNH is working to become a truly sustainable university. Themes will include local food and nutrition, and camp culminates with a meal prepared by students using fresh local ingredients. Participants will gain a heightened understanding of where their food comes from and the many structures in place which enable food to arrive to consumers’ plates.

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B [top]

Bedrock Bioremediation Center

Multidisciplinary Research

Cutting-edge research available to federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and environmental consultants.

» Bedrock Bioremediation Center

Phone: (603) 862-1422
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Boat-based Educational Activities

Learning About Our Coastal Waters Through Hands-On Experiences

Help middle- and high-school students learn about our coastal waters through boat cruises and other opportunities.

» UNH Sea Grant Extension

Phone: (603) 862-6702
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C [top]

Carbon Solutions New England

Initiatives include collective actions to achieve a clean, secure energy future; scientific, policy and economic analysis related to promoting clean energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

» Carbon Solutions New England

Phone: 603-862-2329
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Center for Freshwater Biology

An Ongoing Effort to Preserve New Hampshire's Lakes

Provides information, training, and assistance to the state in developing management programs for freshwater resources.

» Center for Freshwater Biology

Phone: (603) 862-2105
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College Woods

A Living Laboratory

College Woods offers hundreds of acres of educational and recreational space all year round.

» Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas

Phone: (603) 862-1700
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Cooperative Extension

Putting Knowledge and Research to Work in Our Local Communities

Ten county outreach offices provide information on agriculture, forestry and wildlife, family development, 4-H youth development, food and nutrition, environmental management, and community development.

» UNH Cooperative Extension

Phone: (603) 749-4445
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D [top]

Day of the Coast Celebration

Environmental Learning for Students Grades 1-8

A day of customized activities designed to help elementary and middle school students and teachers augment their environmental curriculum.

» UNH Sea Grant Extension

Phone: (603) 862-6702
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E [top]

Environmental Research Group

A Resource for New Hampshire Municipalities

Works with communities, businesses, and state and federal agencies in the areas of drinking water treatment, site remediation, waste utilization, and other concerns.

» Environmental Research Group

Phone: (603) 862-4334
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F [top]

Food Solutions New England

A regional food systems learning-action network dedicated to advancing a sustainable New England food system.

The FSNE network is organized around four interrelated activities: A New England Food Vision, a bold vision that calls for our region to build the capacity to produce at least 50% of food in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, that promotes health and is accessible by all New Englanders by 2060; New England state food planning initiatives; Annual New England food summits and topical workshops; Related analysis, communication and visualization. The UNH Sustainability Institute serves as the backbone organization for FSNE. Since its inception in 2006, FSNE has advanced its mission by linking a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and synergistic activities.

» Sustainability Institute

Phone: 603-862-5040
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G [top]

Great Bay Coast Watch

Volunteers Working to Preserve Our Great Bay and Coastal Waters

Teachers, health and business professionals, homemakers, retirees, and students are trained to monitor the health of the Great Bay Estuary.

» UNH Sea Grant Extension

Phone: (603) 862-6702
Email the Program Phone: (603) 749-1565
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Greenhouse Complex

Lectures and the Spring Tour Inspire Plant Lovers

Tour the Greenhouse Complex, including the Plant Conservatory, home to exotic tropical plants. A plant lover's paradise.

» UNH Greenhouse Complex

Phone: (603) 862-2061
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I [top]

Insect Collection

Provides Insect Identifications and Information

Insect identification and information through one of New England's largest insect collections, with more than 600,000 specimens and 12,000 New Hampshire species.

» Department of Biological Sciences

Phone: (603) 862-1735
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Integrated Pest Management Program

Advises Local Gardeners and Produce Growers

Pest management techniques and resources.

» UNH Cooperative Extension

Phone: (603) 862-3763
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J [top]

Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

Research that Supports Environmental Projects Throughout the World

Located on the shores of the Great Bay Estuary, the lab is ideally suited for estuarine research.

» School of Marine Science & Ocean Engineering

Phone: (603) 862-5127
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L [top]

Lakes Lay Monitoring Project

Statewide Volunteers Assist in Gathering Water-Quality Data

An internationally recognized volunteer monitoring program with more than 500 volunteers who monitor water quality in over 100 lakes and assist in participatory research projects.

» New Hampshire Water Resources Research Center

Phone: (603) 862-3848
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Land and Water Conservation Program

Assistance to N.H. Communities and Conservation Groups

Assists New Hampshire communities and private conservation groups with land and water conservation planning.

» UNH Cooperative Extension

Phone: (603) 364-5324
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M [top]

Marine Docent Program

A Learning Opportunity for Volunteers Who Love the Sea

An organization of volunteers from all walks of life dedicated to the conservation and wise use of marine resources.

» University of New Hampshire Marine Docents

Phone: (603) 862-6702
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N [top]

New Hampshire Carbon Challenge

Initiatives include helping New Hampshire and New England households reduce their energy consumption and protect our climate.

» New Hampshire Carbon Challenge

Phone: 603-862-3128
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New Hampshire Farm to School

Promotes a community-based, community-supported school food community

Initiatives include agriculture, health and nutrition, K-12 connections to local farms, curriculum

» New Hampshire Farm to School

Phone: 603-862-2542
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New Hampshire State Climate Office

Archiving and Interpreting Climate Information

High-quality climate data produced by the state climatologist for use by researchers, attorneys, federal and state planning agencies, reporters, private consultants, teachers, and students.

» Department of Geography

Phone: (603) 862-3136
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Statewide GIS Clearinghouse

The GRANIT System develops and serves geospatial data and analyses to communities, agencies and organizations throughout the state. Project staff has expertise in GIS, GPS, and image processing technologies.

» Earth Systems Research Center

Phone: (603) 862-4240
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R [top]

Recycled Materials Resource Center

Promotes the Wise Use of Recycled Materials in the Highway Environment

Participates with state agencies; federal, state and university research centers; and the private sector in collaborative technology development, demonstrations, and verifications.

» Recycled Materials Resource Center

Phone: (603) 862-4704
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S [top]

Sea Trek Lectures and Tours

Volunteers Reach Out to New Hampshire Schools and Organizations

Lectures on marine-related topics for schools and communities. Tours of Jackson Estuarine Lab and the Shoals Marine Lab.

» UNH Sea Grant Extension

Phone: (603) 862-6702
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Seacoast Science Center

An Oceanside Learning Environment

Located in historic Odiorne Point State Park, Rye, NH. Featuring aquariums and live-animal exhibits.

» Seacoast Science Center

Phone: (603) 436-8043
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Shoals Sojourn

A Course on Marine Topics for Educators

Three-day course on marine topics for K-12 teachers at the Shoals Marine Lab.

» UNH Sea Grant Extension

Phone: (603) 862-6702
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T [top]

The UNH Observatory

View New Hampshire's Sky

Guided tours of celestial wonders presented twice each month, clear skies permitting.

» Physics Department

Phone: 617-955-3704
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U [top]

UNH Soil Testing

Low-Cost Soil Testing and Analysis

Includes lime and fertilizer recommendations for gardens, lawns, or crops. Most results will be available in 3 weeks.

» UNH Cooperative Extension

Phone: (603) 862-3200
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University Office of Sustainability

Links the Principles of Sustainability to Community Life

Initiatives include biodiversity education, climate education, culture and sustainability, and food and society.

» University Office of Sustainability

Phone: (603) 862-4088
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W [top]

Water Quality Analysis Laboratory

Offers an Important Service

High-quality analysis at reasonable rates for research projects on and off campus.

» Water Quality Analysis Laboratory

Phone: (603) 862-2249
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Woodman Farm

Displays Experimental Gardening Techniques

Provides visitors with a view of innovative growing techniques and a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers during the summer months.

» UNH Horticulture Farm

Phone: (603) 868-2345
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