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Recommendations of the plan

  1. Meet the needs of the academic mission
    1. Academic core image

  2. Blend living and learning environments

  3. Improve campus access and mobility
    1. Existing public auto circulation
    2. Proposed auto circulation
    3. Existing parking
    4. Proposed parking
    5. Two tiered strategy

  4. Balance the needs of the built and natural environments

  5. Enhance the character of the university and its relationship to the greater community
Existing Parking image

Existing Parking
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Existing auto circulation image

Existing Auto Circulation
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Proposed Parking image

Proposed Parking
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Proposed auto circulation image

Proposed Auto Circulation
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  Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Academic Buildings Kingsbury Hall, Costal Marine Laboratory, Demerritt Hall, James Hall, Parsons Hall, Nesmith Hall McConnell Hall, Research Building #1, Paul Creative Arts (part 1 of 3), New Hampshire Hall Hamilton-Smith Hall, Kendall Hall, Research Building #2, Equine Buildings, Campus-Community Farm, Jackson Laboratory, Morrill Hall, Paul Creative Arts (Part 2 of 3) Horton Hall, Huddleston Hall, Art (2D and 3D), Research Building #3, ROTC Building, New Science Library, Paul Creative Arts (Part 3 of 3), West Edge SHHS Outreach Building
Student and Academic Services ------- Hood House, Conant Hall, Grant House 12 Ballard Street -------
Housing and Dining Apartment Residence Hall, Hubbard Hall Addition, UNH Housing Office, Graduate @Woodside Apts, Forest Park (phase 2), Suite Style Residence Hall, Philbrook Dining Hall Housing Renovation #1, Family/Graduate Housing, Forest Park (phase 2), Apartment Residence Halls, Suite Style Residence Halls, Housing Renovation #2, Mini-Dorms Housing Renovation #2, Mini-Dorms, Suite Style Residence Hall Housing Renovation #3, Apartment Residence Halls, Family/Graduate Housing Suite Style Residence Hall, Housing Renovation #4, Huddleston Hall
Athletics and Campus Rec. Athletic Fields, Campus Recreation Fields Field House/Stadium Expansion Campus Recreation Fields, Athletic Fields Campus Recreation Fields
General Administration Co-Gen @ Energy Complex, Co-Gen @ Philbrook, University Police Station, RR Station/ Dairy Bar, Craig Supply Remediation, Daycare for Children Fire Department Building, Ambulance Building, Admin Services Building, Swing Space Facilities, Service/Trade Building UNH Foundation, University Advancement Center
South Underpass, Water Works Rd Parking, McDaniel Drive to Main St, Core Campus Visitor Lot, Gables Lot Parking Structure #1 (phase 1), Parking and Transit Office, Main Street West, North Underpass Parking Structure #2 C-Lot Demolition, Parking Structure #1 (Phase 2)
Campus Improvements Main Street- Core Campus, Visitor Enhancements, Conant Square, Landscape Enhancements, College Rd Transformation College Brook Restoration, Campus Trails, Science Quad Landscape Enhancements, Ravine Edge College Walk Railroad Underpass


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